Local Section GEM Activity Information

The GEM program (both national and local) of SME is the Government, Education and Mining Program, and it's purpose is to increase public awareness of the critical role minerals and mining play in everyday life. The Southern California Mining Section GEM Committee supports many activities directed at this goal, such as the California Minerals Association, providing materials and workshops for teachers, providing guest speakers from the mineral industry to speak at local schools, sending teachers to mineral conferences to help them develop ideas for presenting topics in the earth sciences studies in their schools, and much more.

If you would like to participate in the GEM program contact the local section by sending e-mail, using the icon below. Please give sufficient contact information so the appropriate person can follow up your request.

If you know of a teacher that would like to attend one of the annual seminars, or of a school that would like to receive the educational materials available for classroom instruction, or perhaps would like to arrange for a speaker at a class in a local school, please contact the local section by sending e-mail, and include sufficient contact information.

The GEM Committee has "Cool" posters from the National Mining Association, available for any SME member who provides the name and address of a teacher that would be interested in receiving the posters with mineral information. For more information, contact Dinah Shumway 909-737-4546, or send e-mail using the e-mail icon below.

Information on specific GEM activities in Southern California will be posted on this page in the future.