Heap Leaching Gold Ore

  Flowsheet for gold mine, showing crushing and screening of ore to be fed leached on Heap Leach. 
  Mine truck dumps ore on leach pad. Impermeable lining will prevent any leach liquid from penetrating ground. Monitor wells around the leach pad perimeter are continuously monitored to assure no leakage occurs. Leach pipes can be seen in the background on right. 
  More material is placed on leach pad. 
  Photo of Heap Leach. A dilute cyanide-water solution is pumped through the series of plastic hose with sprays or drip emitters placed throughout the pile, and solution runs through the leach, dissolving gold. Pregnant solution (gold bearing solution) runs from the pile in the drainage pipes or ditches, and is collected in a series of ponds. The leach area is lined with several impermeable liners, primary and secondary liners, to prevent the possibility of any solution escaping into the ground. Monitoring wells are stratagically placed and continuously monitored to be certain that no leakage has occurred. 
  The Pregnant Solution Pond, collecting the liquid from the leach pad. In this case, it is cyanide water solution with gold dissolved in it.  


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